The Provider Social Index™ (PSI) is the 1st-ever standardized score uniquely designed for healthcare providers, and is based on provider-specific attributes that patients consider when choosing a provider. PSI is based on data that is available in the public domain on over 100+ online sources, including, but not limited to social media, review sites, advocacy forums, blogs and other sources of patient commentary that relates to provider-specific key performance indicators (KPIs). Thus, PSI goes far beyond the standard 5-point rating scale as it captures both structured feedback from online surveys as well as unstructured commentary from open-ended responses. Overall PSI composite scores are scaled from 100 to 999 and are reflective of a provider’s performance relative to the national average of healthcare providers as it relates to the patient experience within their specialty. As a metric, PSI is dynamic, with scores that change in real-time, as new data pertaining is posted online.

Binary Fountain™ uses its Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to harvest patient sentiment data on over 100+ online sources. This data is then scored across 12 weighted KPIs, 10 of which are related to patient-provider interpersonal interactions, and 2 of which are based on the total volume of data available on a provider, and the recency of that data. Based on secondary research and internal data sources, Binary Fountain™ has derived its own scoring algorithm, which assigns weights to each source according to common criteria such as author ratings, size of directory or database, and richness of source content, and are associated with source influence on online audiences. These content-source weights are then assigned to patient sentiments and are reflective of their relative influence depending on the originating source. Lastly, PSI scores are benchmarked across a national population of healthcare providers and categorized by geographic location and specialty with discrete PSI rankings and percentile scores for each.


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