Why is PSI Important?

How is my PSI score calculated?

How can I check the accuracy of my PSI Score?

How are my KPI grades calculated?

How frequently is my PSI updated?

Will my PSI Score change over time?

Data, KPIs, rankings can change due to relative changes in the population

How many physicians have been scored?

Over 135,000 physicians have been scored and we are working to have PSI scores available to the entire US population of 900,000 physicians will be available by January 2016.

How can I improve my PSI Score?

Evaluating feedback, PSI Score highlights the categories in which patients feel a certain way about you. Over time, it becomes apparent that there are certain strengths and weaknesses, and to work on those weakness should in turn lead to improved feedback and that should in turn improve your PSI Score.

Does PSI relate to revenues & outcomes?

Since Psi is a new metric, research is still being done to correlate PSI to outcomes, revenues, Net Promoter scores and how it affects patient loyalty.

How is my specialty and region determined?

CMS database

How were the KPIs determined?

How frequently will I receive alerts & notifications and performance reports?

Alerts & notifications are delivered by email every 24-48h Performance reports are delivered monthly with monthly score updates.

How is my enterprise association determined?

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